First Psychotic Episode and Cannabis

The relationship between the first psychotic episode (FEP) and cannabis

First Psychotic Episode (FEP) and Cannabis use –  a Multi-site trial

In a recent study of multi-site research centers, patients who had a first episode psychosis (FEP) and who consumed cannabis was noticed to be experiencing more frequent psychotic and euphoric experiences than healthy controls. It was unclear whether this was due to their greater sensitivity, the impact of cannabis use or their heavier use. For this reason, it was studied whether the extent of use can predict psychotic experiences.

In conclusion, when compared to controls, patients with a first psychotic episode were particularly sensitive to cannabis, presenting increased psychotic experiences, depending on the frequency and amount of cannabis use, . The euphoric experiences between the two groups were not statistically significant. This suggests that there is a specific psychomimetic response of patients directly linked to the use of heavy cannabis use.

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