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Τι είναι και πως μέσω της συνομιλίας με έναν ψυχοθεραπευτή ο κόσμος μπορεί να γίνει πιο όμορφος

Κάντε το τεστ για την κατάθλιψη, το άγχος, τους ιδεοψυχαναγκασμούς ή απλά ελέγξτε τη μνήμη!

I am disgusted by the #EndAutismNow campaign. This is hate speech and eugenics. How is this different to the Nazi EndJewsNow (1939-45) & the KKK white supremacist EndBlacksNow campaigns (1860-2018)? Treat symptoms in autistic people that cause suffering, but don't prevent autism

Violence is never the answer or the solution 😥

Our brilliant team @UnitWindsor have made the biggest contribution to #EastofEngland #research with 10% more studies enrolling 75% more people in #dementia, #mentalhealth and #community projects in 17/18 https://t.co/aw01VPk396 #iamresearch #NHS70 #whywedoresearch #MyResearchHero

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